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Develop Sia services with ease!
We provide a RESTful interface to some features on this website, such as host history and currency conversion. Furthermore, we provide a break-out of the native Sia Explorer API. This is particularly convenient if you want to build Sia blockchain services without the large memory footprint of the Sia Explorer on your own server.
Our API is free, and available over HTTP with the language of your choice. We will gradually be adding new features, so come back frequently for updates!
API endpoint
The SiaPulse API uses only HTTP GET for retrieving resources.
Responses will be in the JSON format.
The SiaPulse API uses HTTP error codes to indicate success or failure of an API call, e.g. 404 for URL not found, 500 for internal error and so on.
Returns historical information about Sia hosts.
GET http://siapulse.com/api/hosts?pasthours=[hours]
Returns current Siacoin exchange rate. More than 30 currencies are supported, including all major currencies as well as bitcoin. Exchange rates are sourced from Poloniex, Coinkite, Yahoo Finance and the European Central Bank, and are updated hourly.
GET http://siapulse.com/api/exchangerate?currency=[currency_code]
Returns a stable estimate of storage cost in Siacoins for a given storage amount.
GET http://siapulse.com/api/storagecost?gb=[GB]
Return blockchain status and some statistics. Siacoin amounts are in Hastings.
GET http://siapulse.com/api/explorer