Run Sia and receive free Siacoins.
Siacoin is the cryptocurrency that powers the Sia network. This faucet dispenses a small amount of Siacoins to new users, which can be used to test file uploads on the Sia network.
  1. Download and install Sia.
  2. Launch Sia and allow it to synchronize (may take >24 hours).
  3. Announce your computer as a host (optional)
  4. Allow 1 hour for your host to be registered on the network (optional)
  5. Copy wallet address here to claim Siacoins
This faucet pays out a small amount of Siacoins if Sia is running on your computer, or if your IP is running a Sia host. The amount paid out by the faucet is no sufficient to run a host (this requires at least 50,000 Siacoins in your wallet).
Please consider making a donation to the faucet if you continue using Sia!
Siacoin Request Form
Important: You must run Sia on this computer when you make this request (preferably as a host).
Amount (SC) Timestamp Transaction ID
Amount (SC) Timestamp Recipient IP Transaction ID