Estimate your storage costs, farming and mining profits and perform quick conversions.
Currency Converter
Calculate live exchange rates and convert between Siacoin, bitcoin, hastings* and fiat currencies.
* Hastings is 1e+24 SC and the smallest unit of Siacoin.
Estimate storage costs
Calculate how much storages costs on the Sia network. Enter GB of storage and the calculator estimates the approximate cost in Siacoins. Note that transaction and bandwidth costs are not included.
Calculator Storage Price
Enter the amount to charge per TB/month. Then, configure your host with the calculated Siacoin price below.
Re-configure your host on the command line:
./siac host config minstorageprice TB_GB_MONTHSC
Re-configure your host in the GUI:
Open the "Hosting" page in the UI and copy the new price into the field "Price per TB per Month (SC)". Then, click "Save".
To run a Sia host you also need to configure other parameters. For an introduction to running a Sia host, we recommend this blog post.
Siacoin Mining Calculator
Estimate mining profits. Enter your hash rate, power consumption and electricy price. Difficulty and block rewards are auto-filled from the blockchain. Luck will influence your result significantly when solo-mining.
Hash rate (MH/s)
Power consumption (W)
Electricity rate (USD/kWh)
Difficulty (TH)
Block reward
Hours between mined blocks
Blocks per day
Mined Siacoins per day
Revenue per day (USD)
Power cost per day (USD)
Prob. block/day (%)
Profit per day (USD)
Calculate Host Earnings
Estimate host earnings on the Sia network. Enter the amount of storage, and your ask price:
Your price (SC/TB/month)
Shared storage (TB)
Price Ratio
Utilization Ratio
Est. Utilized Storage (TB)
Est. Earnings (SC/month)
The utilized storage on your host and your earnings are estimated based on current network utilization and price competition. The calculator is unproven and takes into consideration:
  • Ratio of currently available and used network storage (Utilization Ratio)
  • Ratio of your price and the average price of other hosts (Price Ratio)
The results to the left are computed as follows:
Price Ratio = Your Price ÷ Average Host Price
Utilization Ratio = Utilized Network Storage ÷ Available Network Storage
Utilized Storage = ( Utilization Ratio × Shared Storage ) ÷ Price Ratio
Estimated Earnings = Utilized Storage × Your Price
Sources: Poloniex, Blockchain, Yahoo Finance, European Central Bank